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Saturday, May 24, 2014

El MPC clasifica al asteroide 2014 HQ124 como uno "potencialmente peligroso" a pasar el 7 de junio de 2014 cerca de la Tierra

Título de la noticia: Goldstone Radar Observations Planning: 2014 HQ124


2014 HQ124 was discovered on Apr. 23 by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft.  
Preliminary thermal modeling of the WISE data by A. K. Mainzer suggests a diameter of 330 meters.

This asteroid will approach within 0.0083 AU (3.2 lunar distances) on June 8 when it will be the strongest
radar target of the year to date.  This is the closest approach that an object of this size has made since
2005 YU55 in November of 2011.  

The diameter and absolute magnitude of 19.2 suggest a relatively high optical albedo of about 0.35.
The spectral class is unknown, but it's clear that this is not a dark C-, P, B-, or D-type object due to
the albedo.  The rotation period and pole direction are unknown, but the asteroid will be bright
enough for lightcurves so it's possible that the rotation period may be measured before the radar
observations start.  

2014 HQ124 will approach from the south and enter Goldstone's declination window on June 7.   After 
the approach, the asteroid will move more or less directly away from Earth.  We estimate that the 
Goldstone signal-to-noise ratios will be strong enough for detailed imaging for several days.

On June 8, the round-trip travel time is only about 8 seconds so we have scheduled DSS-13 to receive.

Currently observations at Goldstone are scheduled only on June 8. 
Arecibo observations are also scheduled on June 8 and the times at the two telescopes overlap.

The Minor Planet Center has classified 2014 HQ124 as a "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid."
Orbital and Physical Characteristics  
Provisional Designation  2014 HQ124
Asteroid number          Not numbered
Discoverer               WISE
Discovery date           2014 Apr 23
orbit type               Aten
Close approach dist.     0.0083 AU     
Close approach dist.     3.2 lunar distances
Close approach date      June 8

semimajor axis           0.851 AU
eccentricity             0.260
inclination              26.2 deg
perihelion distance      0.630 AU     
aphelion distance        1.072 AU     
Tisserand parameter      

absolute magnitude (H)   19.2
diameter                 330 m +- 85 m  (A. K. Mainzer, pers. comm.)
optical albedo           unknown
rotation period          unknown
pole direction           unknown      
lightcurve amplitude     unknown      
spectral class           unknown

Last update: 2014 May 21


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